7 Days Trip

  • Ημερομηνίες

    30/5 to 5/6/2021
    13/6 to 19/6/2021
    12/9 to 18/9/2021
    19/9 to 25/9/2021
    26/9 to 2/10/2021
    3/10 to 16/10/2021
    17/10 to 23/10/2021

  • Min/Max συμμετέχοντες

    2-16 συμμετέχοντες

  • Προαπαιτούμενα

    Απο 15 ετών και άνω με γνώση της κολύμβησης

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Επίπεδο δυσκολίας: (Σε συνηθισμένες καιρικές συνθήκες)

Σημείο συνάντησης: Μικρός Γυαλός

Ημέρα 1: Welcoming
Ημέρα 2: 6 Nautical Miles
Ημέρα 3: 7.5 Nautical Miles
Ημέρα 4: 5 Ναυτικά Μίλια
Ημέρα 5: 8.5 Nautical Miles
Ημέρα 6: 7.5 Nautical Miles
Ημέρα 7: 8.5 Nautical Miles


Έμπειρος British Canoeing 4 Star Seak Kayak leader
Διπλό κάθισμα σε καγιάκ
PFD (σωσίβιο)
Στεγνούς σάκους
Εξοπλισμός ασφαλείας
Σκηνή 2 ατόμων
Όλα ο κορυφαίος εξοπλισμός κωπηλασίας, κάμπινγκ και ασφάλειας.
Μια (1) διανυκτέρευση (Πρώτη νύχτα)
Four (4) nights wild camping
Two (2) Camping Site
6 Breakfasts
6 Launches (except first day)
5 Meal (taverna)
1 Wild camping meals
Φρούτα & σνάκς
ΦΠΑ 24%

(Προαιρετικά πρόσθετα: Μεταφορές: Από και προς το Εθνικό Αεροδρόμιο του Ακτίου - Ελλάδα = 100 €)


Μαγιό και καπέλο,
Γυαλιά ηλίου
Παγούρι με νερό
Παπούτσια που θα βραχούν
Ελαφριά ρούχα, καθώς και μερικά πιο ζεστά,
Φακός κεφαλής,
Μαξιλάρι κάμπινγκ,
Sleeping bag,
Απωθητικό κουνουπιών,
Οποιοδήποτε φάρμακο απαιτείται για ειδική προσωπική ιατρική κατάσταση.



Στρώμα ύπνου
Μικρός σάκος ραφιού για μεταφορά αντικειμένων κατά τη διάρκεια της ημέρας
Παπούτσια πεζοπορίας / trainers για εξερεύνηση
Ζεστό μπουφάν ή πουλόβερ
Αδιάβροχο μπουφάν και παντελόνι
Μακρυμάνικη μπλούζα και παντελόνι
Ελαφριά ρούχα για καγιάκ

From the northwestern to the southwestern tip of Lefkada, a six-day excursion with a beachside camp on the west coast of the island with the world-renowned beaches of Egremni and Porto Katsiki. The coastline and the unpredictability of the weather make it an ideal excursion for experienced kayakers.

Ημέρα 1: The meeting point is the hotel in the city of Lefkada, where there will be an acquaintance with the escorts, then there will be free time for relaxation and in the evening we will dine in a traditional tavern.

Ημέρα 2: We will be transferred to Agios Ioannis beach early in the morning (09:30), we will place our personal belongings and our equipment in the kayaks and we will start with a final destination the famous Kathisma beach. During this route we will make two stops at Agios Nikitas beach and Mylos beach for swimming and exploration. Arriving at Kathisma beach we will set up our tents on the impressive sandy beach and then we will dine.

Ημέρα 3: We will start from Kathisma beach with final destination Gialos beach, this route will give us the opportunity to paddle to one of the most beautiful places of the Ionian, kilometers of deserted beaches and steep cliffs compose one of the most impressive scenery in Greece, we will also have the ability to dismiss the company of cormorants as well as to travel with dolphins and sea turtles. Arriving at Gialos beach we prepare our tents and enjoy bbq by the sea.

Ημέρα 4: We leave behind Gialos beach and start to meet a different landscape with high slopes, where at the base there is the beach Egremnoi for many is the most beautiful beach of the island, we will stop for swimming and exploration. Then we reach another award-winning and beautiful beach, Porto Katsiki, where we will spend the night.

Ημέρα 5: The day is characterized by the difficult passage of Kavos, while rowing at this point we will meet the lighthouse and the ruins of the temple of Apollo. Slopes, caves, steep cliffs and seventeen kilometers of rowing to the bay of Vasiliki, where our final destination is. There we will dine in a tavern and spend the night in organized camping.

Ημέρα 6: We are located on the southern coast of Lefkada, the landscapes are changing and now we are rowing on a verdant coastline with the foliage of the trees touching the surface of the sea. Small deserted beaches will accommodate us for swimming and relaxation until we reach Afteli beach for an overnight stay.

Ημέρα 7: Picturesque fishing villages, small beaches that host red starfish and underwater caves are the images that will give us today, we have now left the beach Afteli and we are heading to the beach Mikros Gialos, a great and fun stop in our cosmopolitan port of Syvota will give us mental health. The day will end with an overnight stay at an organized camping on Mikros Gialos beach, dinner and farewell party.


1100 / άτομο
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  • Ημερομηνίες

    3/10 to 9/10/2020 17/10 to 24/10/2020

  • Προαπαιτούμενα

    Απο 15 ετών και άνω με γνώση της κολύμβησης

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